Into The Light” (ITL) is a Dark Fantasy Dungeon Crawler, purpose built to harness the strengths of VR. ITL presents an immersive atmosphere populated with puzzles, treasure, devious traps and fearsome foes.

All tempered in the chaos of 4 players “working together” towards a goal. While combat punctuates the experience, it doesn’t define it. Instead your class skills, tools and communication play a larger role in surviving the challenges that lie in store.

Core Pillars of Into The Light
Immersion, Exploration, Discovery, Teamwork

An Immersive Experience

Designed specifically for VR, Experience unparalleled immersion, making you feel truly present in the world of Oro.

Diverse Character Classes

Choose from 5 Character classes, each with unique abilities designed to suit various play styles and strategies.

Handcrafted Dungeons

Explore meticulously crafted dungeons, each with unique challenges, valuable treasures and hidden secrets.

Cooperative Gameplay

Form a party of 4 to tackle challenges, utilizing each player’s class strengths to overcome obstacles.

Engaging Story & Lore

Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Oro, uncovering the history & instigators that are driving the adventure.

Epic Exploration & Combat

Experience a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving & strategic combat, with each dungeon offering new challenges.

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